An innovative mine monitoring system that delivers a substantial and enduring impact.

Continuous metrological data from your mine shaft enables our solutions to monitor mine shaft conditions, perform shaft inspections and assess mining integrity. As the mining environment is constantly evolving, sustainability is paramount. Point Laz offers a revolutionary approach that uses data from your mine to monitor and assess the condition of your mine shaft. This data-driven method not only improves mine safety, but also provides invaluable information on the overall performance of your mining infrastructure.

By eliminating the need for workers to perform manual mine shaft inspections, Point Laz significantly improves miner safety and reduces the risks of on-the-job injuries.

Mining safety is non-negotiable in the industry, and Point Laz takes a bold step towards optimal site safety management. By removing manual mine shaft inspection tasks, our technology serves as a protective shield for your miners and mitigates the inherent risks of the unpredictable mining environment. This ensures a safer workplace and fosters a culture of well-being and productivity.

Point Laz’s game-changing solution helps significantly reduce your weekly mine shaft downtime, thanks to the automated mine shaft inspections of the Lazaruss 3D scanner.

In the pursuit of operational excellence, Point Laz presents a groundbreaking way to improve your mine shaft maintenance processes and minimize interruptions. You will never see mine shaft inspections the same after you’ve tried our technology. It not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to maximizing productivity and profitability.

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$ 2M / week
Our solutions

Minimize risk to thrive

In today’s competitive mining landscape, underground mines are not producing at full capacity, leaving millions of dollars on the table. Designed and optimized for the mining industry, Point Laz’s solutions provide workers with cutting-edge technologies like the Lazaruss 3D scanner that combine robust devices, responsive UX and artificial intelligence (AI) integration to improve mining performance and miner safety.


Seamless integration into your operations


Fully supported integration

During the initial stages of integration, our dedicated team of experts conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your mine shaft’s inspection standards and configurations. This ensures precise calibration of the scanner for optimal mining performance. Our support team takes care of the installation process and they validate the device acquisition to ensure accuracy. Additionally, the flexibility of adjusting acquisition parameters through our user-friendly web application provides you with control over the information generated.


Team training and best practice

As part of our commitment to excellence, we make sure to empower your team with operational autonomy. Our comprehensive training programs, coupled with our technical support, ensure that your mine shaft maintenance team knows how to operate our scanner efficiently. As Point Laz’s technologies evolve, so does our commitment to continuous improvement. We’ll ensure your team remains updated on the latest advancements and can harness the full potential of our cutting-edge mine shaft monitoring solutions.


Weekly inspections, high rewards, high ROI

Collaboration is key to maximizing the benefits of our technology. Our integration specialists collaborate closely with your operations supervisor to ensure the optimal performance of our scanning device. Beyond just ensuring functionality, our overarching goal is to contribute to improving safety and reducing mine shaft downtime by seamlessly integrating our system into your daily operations. Weekly inspections serve as a continual refinement process and offer insights into your mining performance.

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From Manual to Automated: The Evolution of Mine Shaft Inspections

Discover how LAZARUSS, an integrated mining monitoring system, can improve your company's performance and security.

Artistic Black and Grey Rock Close-Up - Underground Mine