An intelligent monitoring system for mining companies that makes a significant and lasting impact.

Continuous & on demand metrology data from your mine shaft empowers our platform to monitor and evaluate mine-shaft integrity in real-time.<br>

By preventing your miners from having to perform the inspection themselves, POINT.LAZ dramatically reduces  any risks of injury.

Point Laz offers a solution that allows  a significant reduction in weekly downtime by automating the mine shaft inspection process.

$ 2M / week
Our solutions

Minimize risk to thrive.

Underground mines are not producing at full capacity, leaving millions of dollars on the table. Designed and optimized for the mining industry, POINT.LAZ solutions provide miners with cutting-edge technologies that combine robust devices, responsive UX and AI integration to improve mining efficiency and worker safety.


Seamless integration into your operations


Full integration support

Before scanning your site, our experts will evaluate the standards and configurations of your mine shaft to calibrate the device accordingly. Our support team will install and validate the scanner acquisition. The data generated can be adjusted via our web application.


Training your team

We make sure that the maintenance team will be able to operate our solutions in an optimal way by having training and technical support if necessary. Your team will become autonomous and will be able to use the scanner efficiently.


Weekly inspections, high benefits and ROI

Our integration specialist will work with your operations supervisor to ensure optimal performance of our device integration. Our goal is to save you money and reduce downtime by ensuring seamless integration of our system into your daily operations.


Implementing a Mine Monitoring System: Performance and Safety Results

Discover how LAZARUSS, an integrated mining monitoring system, can improve your company's performance and security.

Increase in availability
Return on investment