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Leading change to improve mine safety and performance via cutting-edge technologies and mining solutions that challenge the status quo. Our commitment to innovation is at the forefront of what we do to drive positive transformations within the underground mining industry.

Truck Surveying a Mine Shaft During and Inspection of an Underground Mine

Integrate continuous mine shaft monitoring technologies at underground mining sites to improve operations and ensure miner safety.

Point Laz is revolutionizing mining safety and performance standards in the industry and leading the way to automated mine shaft inspections, performance analysis and miner safety to support people, businesses and the environment.

The technology behind Automated Mine Shaft Inspections
3D Printed Scanner for Mine Shaft Inspections


Revolutionize mining safety and efficiency with our innovative security and performance solutions.

We prioritize integrity and transparency.
We strive for excellence, respect, and collaboration.
We believe in quality, accountability, and growth.
We value collaboration and innovation.
Open-pit Mining Drone Photo - Color

Fueled by dedication: We are as hardworking and intense as the sports we practice

Cultivating sustainable business: Nurturing relationships based on trust, results, and respect. Point Laz is committed to the long haul.

Our team of employees places their trust in us – they strive for success with unwavering dedication. Their hard work, effectiveness, brilliance, and loyalty form the bedrock of our success. They are not just a part of our journey; they are the reason behind our achievements in the world of underground mining.

Alexandre Grenier


B.Eng Mining Engineering. C++, Mobile Scanning & Surfing Passionate. Developed his mine shaft expertise in salt mines.

Nicolas Lapointe


When not developing state-of-the-art equipment, he produces maple syrup of legendary quality.

Samuel Doyon


B.Eng Electrical Engineering. All around a big water guy. Just like Thor, harnesses the power of electricity to achieve precise designs.

Charles-Antoine St-Laurent


B.Ing Software Engineering (Ongoing). He gobbles up the most intense ski lines as he codes the most efficient C++/Python lines.

Antoine Gruet


M.Sc.Eng B.Eng Robotic Engineering. Automation and robotic passion. ROS master

Marianne Baril

Director of Human Resources

Ensures smooth operations by overseeing all tasks related to the company's administration and human resources.

Laurent Goulet Garneau

Chief Developer Sr.

Mechanical and Software Engineer. Laurent is a senior developer. He is passionate about algorithms and Red Bull Crashed Ice.

Artistic Black and Grey Rock Close-Up - Underground Mine

Meet the innovators and leaders who are changing the world of shaft mining with us.

Partnerships are essential to innovation and progress. By working together, our partners can leverage each other's strengths, resources and expertise to create new ideas, products and services that can benefit everyone.

Collaboration between partners leads to the development of new technologies, processes and solutions that can have a lasting impact on the world.

Through partnerships, we create a better future for all.

M2 Innovation

M2 Innovation

Innovation M2 partners with passionate companies to solve complex challenges and deliver whole and elegant solutions.

Dwyka Mining

Dwyka Mining

Dwyka Mining Services is an agile mining technology integration partner focused on assisting our customers to adopt and adapt to technological change across Africa.

Shafts & Tunnels

Shafts & Tunnels

Services Shaft and Tunnel Consulting Services offers the full range of design and construction management services for tunnels, shafts and related infrastructure.

Agnico Eagle

Agnico Eagle

Agnico Eagle is building a high-growth, high-caliber, low-risk, sustainable gold mining business. It is a forerunner in the integration of our solutions and has done several proofs of concept with our technologies.



Centech propels high-potential technological innovation projects stemming from science and engineering by providing entrepreneurs with an ecosystem of resources, tools and contacts to support them in their growth.



Powered by INO, Quantino is a high-tech incubator, particularly in optics, photonics, hardware and medical and quantum technologies, located in Quebec City.

48th North

48th North

48th North International is a non-profit organization whose mission is to be the catalyst for the growth of foreign trade activities in Abitibi-Témiscamingue

MISA Group

MISA Group

Centre of excellence in mining innovation

Simon Thibault
Simon Thibault - Director of the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Optics

"Point Laz's technology really has the potential to revolutionize the way mine shaft inspections are thought of."'

Simon Thibault
Simon Thibault - Director of the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Optics