Automated Mine Shaft Inspections

LAZARUSS enables weekly thorough mine shaft inspection in under an hour and generates state-of-the-art quality data that allow predictive maintenance


Lazaruss acquires an accurate 3D model with high-resolution 360° images of your mine shaft in less than 15 minutes per mine compartment.

7 hours of downtime per week saved resulting in 300+ additional hours of production time annually.
Preventive maintenance and digitized data increase mine shaft availability.

Lazaruss is designed for mine shafts. IP67 components and a rugged design guarantee the longevity and long-term use of your device in the toughest conditions.

2 x Survey grade LiDAR and 7 High resolution CMOS sensors for high quality rendering. Devices are calibrated prior to deployment to ensure optimal results.

When performing inspections in mine shafts, miners are exposed to health and safety risks. By removing manual inspections, it eliminates the risk to miners.

Mandatory mine shaft inspections and unplanned maintenance take up 6% of production time, resulting in losses of between $0.3 and $2 million per week for mine operators.

Reinforcement learning models that enable continuous improvement of maintenance guidance and detection of areas of concern.


Revolutionize mining safety and efficiency with our solutions developed for the mining industry.

5 mm accuracy enabling guide alignment analysis (GT version)
Installed and operational in less than 10 minutes. Adapts to all cable sizes and mine shaft types.
Built for harsh mine conditions. Waterproof, dust proof and strong aluminum casing.
Powerful Real Time Environment Adaptive Lighting (7 x 5590 lm @ 38.3W)
Powerful Real Time Environment Adaptive Lighting (7 x 5590 lm @ 38.3W)
Survey grade LiDAR scanners (2 x 640 000pts/s @ 15mm accuracy)
1500m in 15 min

Seamless integration into your operations


Full integration support

Before scanning your site, our experts will evaluate the standards and configurations of your mine shaft to calibrate the device accordingly. Our support team will install and validate the scanner acquisition. The data generated can be adjusted via our web application.


Training your team

We make sure that the maintenance team will be able to operate our solutions in an optimal way by having training and technical support if necessary. Your team will become autonomous and will be able to use the scanner efficiently.


Weekly inspections, high benefits and ROI

Our integration specialist will work with your operations supervisor to ensure optimal performance of our device integration. Our goal is to save you money and reduce downtime by ensuring seamless integration of our system into your daily operations.


Implementing a Mine Monitoring System: Performance and Safety Results

Discover how LAZARUSS, an integrated mining monitoring system, can improve your company's performance and security.

Increase in availability
Return on investment

Frequently asked questions

Yes, our GT version offers a 5 mm accuracy for guide alignment.

The system is clamped onto the mine's cable cage with our proprietary design that allows fast and easy installation. The clamps have adapters that can fit any cable’s diameters. 

The cable clamps are made of aluminum, which is less abrasive and resistant than cable material. However, if this remains a concern, high density plastic adapters can be made.

Data are transferred through usb devices (usb stick, external HDD/SSD). File size can vary depending on the export type and length of the acquisition.

Absolutely, our system can process any type of shaft. However different adapters for cable diameters and brackets for guide alignment systems need to be manufactured prior to scans. Our processing is fully customizable and multiple parameters can be set. We make sure the solutions we deliver perfectly fit your needs.