Automated Mine Shaft Inspections

The Lazaruss 3D scanner helps you run weekly automated mine shaft inspections that are thorough and completed in less than an hour. Our 3D laser scanning technology will generate state-of-the-art quality data that allows for predictive maintenance, enhanced mining safety and improved shaft degradation process.


The Lazaruss scanner specializes in swiftly acquiring an accurate 3D model coupled with high-resolution 360° images of your mine shaft.

Save 7 hours of mine shaft downtime per week which translates into a remarkable 300+ additional hours of annual production time. This efficiency boost not only enhances operational effectiveness but also significantly elevates your mining performance and the profitability of your operations.
We focus on the preventive maintenance of mine shafts by generating a digital copy that provides a remote visualization tool with specific spatial precision. This allows for the identification of intervention zones and the implementation of a maintenance strategy without any additional downtime, from the comfort of your office.

Address the constraints posed by mandatory mine shaft inspections and unexpected maintenance, which collectively consume 6% of production time. These issues translate into substantial losses, ranging from $0.3 to $2 million per week for underground mine operators. Lazaruss helps you proactively manage inspections, minimize mine shaft downtime and optimize production, ultimately mitigating your financial losses.

Our advanced 3D laser scanning technology features 2 x survey-grade LiDAR and 7 high-resolution CMOS sensors, guaranteeing top-notch rendering quality. Before deployment, each device undergoes meticulous calibration to ensure optimal results and provide you with the most accurate data for your mine monitoring system.

Prioritize the well-being of your miners with Lazaruss. During mine shaft inspections, miners face inherent health and safety risks. Our mine monitoring system addresses this concern by eliminating the need for manual inspections, effectively eradicating the associated risks. Experience heightened mining safety through our innovative and automated approach.

Lazaruss has been designed for mine shafts. It’s user-friendly while also being specifically crafted to perform in challenging underground mining environments. With the robust IP67 components and the rugged design of our mine shaft scanner, we ensure the longevity and enduring performance of your device in the most demanding conditions.

Point Laz’s mining solutions incorporate reinforcement learning models that facilitate the ongoing improvement of mine shaft maintenance and the proactive detection of areas of concern. When integrated into your mine monitoring system, our cutting-edge technologies help you optimize your maintenance strategies and stay ahead of potential issues, which helps with the longevity and efficiency of your mining performance and operations.


Revolutionize mining safety and efficiency with our solutions developed for underground mine shafts.

5mm accuracy enabling guide alignment analysis (GT version)
Installed and operational in less than 10 minutes – adapts to all cable sizes and types of mine shafts
Built for harsh mine shaft conditions – waterproof, dustproof and strong aluminum casing
Powerful Real Time Environment Adaptive Lighting (7 x 5590 lm @ 38.3W)
Stand-alone batteries that allow for 2h of scan autonomy – can be swapped easily
Survey grade LiDAR scanners (2 x 640 000pts/s @ 15mm accuracy)
1500m in 15 min

Seamless integration into your operations


Fully supported integration

During the initial stages of integration, our dedicated team of experts conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your mine shaft’s inspection standards and configurations. This ensures precise calibration of the scanner for optimal mining performance. Our support team takes care of the installation process and they validate the device acquisition to ensure accuracy. Additionally, the flexibility of adjusting acquisition parameters through our user-friendly web application provides you with control over the information generated.


Team training and best practice

As part of our commitment to excellence, we make sure to empower your team with operational autonomy. Our comprehensive training programs, coupled with our technical support, ensure that your mine shaft maintenance team knows how to operate our scanner efficiently. As Point Laz’s technologies evolve, so does our commitment to continuous improvement. We’ll ensure your team remains updated on the latest advancements and can harness the full potential of our cutting-edge mine shaft monitoring solutions.


Weekly inspections, high rewards, high ROI

Collaboration is key to maximizing the benefits of our technology. Our integration specialists collaborate closely with your operations supervisor to ensure the optimal performance of our scanning device. Beyond just ensuring functionality, our overarching goal is to contribute to improving safety and reducing mine shaft downtime by seamlessly integrating our system into your daily operations. Weekly inspections serve as a continual refinement process and offer insights into your mining performance.

Point Laz scanner or Lazaruss 3D Scanner
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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely, our GT version of the Lazaruss mine shaft scanner is designed with precision in mind. Offering an impressive 5mm accuracy for guide alignment, it ensures meticulous measurements to meet the highest standards in the industry.

The system is securely clamped onto the mine shaft’s cable cage through our proprietary design, ensuring a swift and hassle-free installation process. Our innovative clamps come equipped with adapters designed to fit any cable diameter, which makes our laser scanning technology versatile and easy to use.

Our cable clamps are made from aluminum, chosen for its lower abrasiveness and resistance compared to other mine shaft cable materials. These clamps are designed to safeguard the integrity of your cables and have been validated by cable manufacturers. 

Certainly, our advanced system is designed for versatility and can seamlessly process data from any type of mine shaft in the industry. However, it's important to note that different adapters for cable diameter as well as brackets for guide alignment systems might need to be manufactured before you can start performing mine shaft inspection scans. Our process is fully customizable and multiple parameters can be set depending on your needs. Point Laz’s mining solutions are tailor-made to meet the unique needs of your mine shaft operations.

The data is transferred via USB onto our web app. The file size can vary depending on the export type and duration of the mine shaft data acquisition.

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